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Spinal Network News (SNN)

The Spinal Network News is a high quality magazine and the voice of its members called the Spinal Network. It is published three times per year and includes a range of topics that are important to people with a spinal cord impairment. Topics include health, research, employment, travel, equipment, useful tips, and much more. With hundreds of members throughout the country, the Spinal Network provides timely and relevant information to people with spinal cord impairment, their families/whānau, caregivers, friends, and health professionals.

Editorial Team: Editor: Peter Thornton; Sub-editor: Bernadette Cassidy

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SNN April 2021

  • Editorial: Redeeming your Time
  • Autonomic Dysreflexia
  • A Role Model at 12
  • All is for All
  • Telling it Like it is
  • Running for Those Who Can’t

SNN December 2020

  • Flying high: Bailley Unahi’s remarkable recovery
  • Ian Walker on overcoming adversity
  • The NZST receives Christchurch Civic Award
  • Telling it like it is
  • Living with Guillain-Barré Syndrome

SNN August 2020

  • Nick Cornish Remarkable recovery of a professional musician
  • Telling it like it is Teina Boyd
  • Jayden Glentworth: a young man that is not looking back
  • Mark and Kathy Glentworth talk about playing the support role
  • Attitude BNB in Auckland

SNN April 2020

  • How the NZST Rallied Together During the Global Pandemic
  • A Man on a Mission
  • Telling it like it is
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Empathy and Grit
  • Cory Newman
  • The Stats on Spinal Cord Impairment you Need to Know
  • Resource Centre
  • Fighting Father Time

SNN December 2019

  • A New Design for a New Era
  • We Came Here to Party
  • The Moments that Defined 2019
  • Welcome Aboard
  • John Miller Law
  • George Scrimshaw Walks Down Memory Lane
  • Back in the Swing of it
  • Library
  • From The Horse’s Mouth

SNN August 2019

  • Brett Tantrum - Never Give Up
  • Finding Futures - Hans Wouters
  • World Famous In NZ - A Football Practice With A Difference
  • John Miller Law - Know Your Rights
  • Dancing To Her Own Beat - Suzanne Cowan
  • The People's Hero - Roly Crichton
  • Woman's Best Friend - Ranger The Service Dog
  • Mourning - The Response Of A Nation To A Terror Attack