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A Lasting Gift


Every gift left to NZST in a will is significant and leaves an enduring legacy, impacting the lives and rehabilitation of those navigating a new journey with spinal cord impairment.

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Back on Track revision appeal


"I first saw 'Back On Track' in 2019 after our 15 yr old son sustained a T12 fracture from an MTB accident. Now 2 years on, we still have the same BOT book at home and use it as a reference when we have questions."
Back On Track is overdue for an update and our latest Appeal is raising money to fund it - with special help from Rotary!

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Spinal Network News


The Spinal Network News (SNN) is the New Zealand Spinal Trust’s national magazine. We are always interested in hearing from our readers about the issues that concern you and which you would like to see in the SNN.

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Disability Iceberg


Have you ever wanted to explain to someone that your SCI impacts you much more than just not being able to walk? Perhaps to your employer, colleague, workmate, classmate, friend?

This FREE resource may help you with starting that conversation.

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